Networking and Intranet Solutions

ASD GROUP & CO. is a computer systems integrator offering state-of-the-art information solutions. We offer: Compaq, IBM, Hewlett Packard; network audits to diagnose and fine-tune your current net; technical assistance;
At ASD GROUP & CO. Computer Services, we realize that many business, and even some home users, rely on a variety of networking services. We offer a wide range of them to meet your varying needs - large or small.
For the small office and home crowd, our consultants have plenty of experience setting up small workgroups to share files, printers, faxing, and Internet access on Microsoft® Windows® based systems. We can also help you establish an Internet presence, including web page design - with or without your own dedicated hardware - depending on your needs.
Our larger corporate clients need bigger solutions. For them, we can build powerful multiprocessor servers - not just high-end desktop PCs like many of our competitors might suggest. We then call in our certified networking engineers to set up and train you to administer your client-server network, using Windows® NT/2000, Novell, or Linux (or whatever combination of these network operating systems would best serve your needs). We can also help connect several offices, across town or across the country, in a wide area network.
ASD GROUP & CO. Networking Services is dedicated to giving our customers quick, complete and effective solutions to all computer, Web, Internet and Intranet requirements.


ASD GROUP & CO. offers a complete line of networking services for your data, including analysis, design and implementation. We provide technical experts to install and/or service your network. We create and maintain a reliable networking environment for your office. With more and more businesses turning to Internet for their data communications, we recognizes the important role LANs/WANs play in meeting the management needs of operating in dynamic environments. ASD GROUP & Co. provides the highest quality of networking services for a wide variety of business computer networking systems. We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled level of customer satisfaction through flexible, timely, efficient and pleasant service to our clients.

Below summarizes some of our detailed services:

  • Network Design/Troubleshooting.
  • Cabling
  • Server installation/design
  • Network troubleshooting
  • Windows NT, Novell, and Unix networking
  • Internet connectivity with LAN
  • Fault tolerance planning and management
  • Backup and security installation

More ...

  • Backup device installation and configuration.
  • Routers, hubs, bridges, MAUs, CSU/DSUs, & other WAN equipment.
  • Disaster planning.
  • Network printing solutions.
  • Ethernet 10Base 100BaseT & other frame types.
  • Dial-up, ISDN, DSL & higher Internet connections.

Service Summary

Network Installation

ASD GROUP & Co. will travel to your site and recommend a networking solution that matches your current needs and leaves room for future expansion. Solutions can range from simple peer-to-peer networks to a fully integrated computing environment with Internet connectivity, computer telephony solutions, network fax and modem solutions, and intranet document sharing and search capabilities. .

Network Security

ASD GROUP & Co. can recommend and implement a total network security solution including a detailed security policy based upon an in-depth assessment of your security needs. Our staff is able to implement internal and external firewall solutions, intrusion detection systems, and virtual private networks so that your business can realize the potential of the Internet without compromising network security. We can also protect individual business critical servers against attack. .

Network Evaluation

Our network specialists can visit your site and show you how to increase productivity by using your current network setup more efficiently. ASD GROUP & Co. can also evaluate the future growth potential of your current network.