Internet and Web Sites Development

ASD GROUP & CO. provide comprehensive Internet-based solutions to corporate users of information technology. We help businesses identify how the Internet can be used to their competitive advantage and uses its expertise in creative design and systems engineering to design, develop and deploy advanced Internet applications and solutions. Our Internet Services department produces, develops, distributes, markets and supports Internet related products and services. Our web design services provide aesthetic, high impact design seamlessly integrated with strong versatile self-sufficient custom web application programs to solve any Complex web scenario. Our interactive database driven dynamic application uses a simple interface enabling clients with minimum computer skills to administrate their web site.
Our team develops creative solutions through strategic application of new Internet technologies. We will create a site that will make you stand out from your competition. Each Web Site is handled on a project basis and is constructed to the client's specifications. Programming:

Custom Programming (HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, ASP, ColdFusion, Perl, SQL)

The unique combination of network sales, service and education all under one roof is what separates CCS from the competition. Service is part of our name, and we are committed to providing the most comprehensive and reliable service and support available in today's industry.
Business is booming on the Internet. If you aren't online, you could be missing out. But you don't know how to get online? You don't know how to make a web site? Or you just don't have the time to learn another new thing? That's where I can help.

Web Site Development

Whether you want a small and simple web page, or a large and complex web site, you can get exactly what you want.
We can also help with domain name registration, so you can get a personalized name like


Pricing on Internet Development varies. It is primarily based on the number of hours required to complete the task.
Three different pricing plans are possible:
A standard rate of $20.00 per hour - estimates can be provided
A maximum price can be agreed upon in advance - the final price would be $20.00 per hour, but would not exceed the maximum price
A final price can be agreed upon in advance - the number of hours does not matter
A simple web site might take only a couple of hours to complete, and could cost well under $100.00.
A large, complex web site or an advanced CGI program could take up to a week,
or even longer - an estimate would require specific information.
Always a fair and unbiased opinion and solution based on our expertise and experience.
Pride in our work and a guarantee of your satisfaction.