Development and Programming

We can provide whatever scripting is necessary to accomplish your on-line goals. If you want to add complex interactive forms, searchable databases, on-line shopping catalogs with secure transactions -- we can provided the necessary programming to achieve your objectives. We specialize in small single task oriented programs tailored to clients who rarely need a full blown application. With a larger application, we are very careful to document the system requirements precisely and keep in constant contact with our client. Creating an application can get out of hand very quickly without some firm rules in place.

We uses the following development cycle:

  • Product Specifications
  • Installation and configuration of hardware and software upgrades or components.
  • Screen Shots
  • Help files
  • Coding
  1. Base fees include charges for up to 10 road miles of travel - round trip.
  2. Additional travel will be billed at $0.75 per mile
  3. If office service is required,system breakdown and transport will be included in first-hour fee.
  4. Subsequent delivery and setup, if requested, will be billed at the regular hourly rate.
Evolution of Information Technology

There will always be the need for customized software for efficient and effective business operations. But it is no longer practical or necessary to hire a staff of programmers to write and maintain these applications. By partnering with ASD GROUP & CO. you will insure your custom software requirements are satisfied professionally: on time, on budget, and as specified..

From Computers to Information

Management Systems Automation, a process fundamental to the success of every business regardless of size or product, has been evolving since the day the first general purpose business computer became operational. And along a parallel evolutionary line, the business view of programming has changed just as dramatically; from exclusively in-house development, maintenance, and operation of custom programs, to the user operated, off-the-shelf suites of general purpose business applications common today. Although the computer age is best characterized by a continuum of change, we view the evolutionary period in three phases each with a different focus: first computers, followed by data, and finally, information..


ASD GROUP & CO. provide professional consulting services in software and hardware technology. Helping our customers integrate technology into their business processes to achieve greater productivity and better use of their resources. For customized database and web page development, initial consultation will be FREE of charge. We have an experienced team of consultants in all fields and provide a full range of skills and expertise as clients move their organizations to ever-higher levels. Our vast integration expertise enables us to effectively integrate hardware and software components, Internet/intranet capabilities, as well as the many computer and communications technologies. ASD GROUP & Co. can provide highly skilled IT professional as consultants to our clients. We assign and manage the very finest professionals with the most current skills on all-leading products and technologies. We have extensive suite of reusable software components, which we can use to construct major portions of applications resulting in high quality systems at a fraction of the time and cost..