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Great new Features

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Apple©  unveiled ISO recently at the World Wide Developers Conference and it contains lost of great new features. There will also be a new iCloud service and new features in iTunes and the iTunes store.

Steve Jobs, Apple’s CEO said “iCloud keeps your important information and content up to date accross all your devices.


IOS 5 and iCloud won’t be available for some months, but some new features magically appeared on the iPhone straight away.

      • See apps installed on other devices
      • Install missing apps on this device


Cool features in the Dropbox app

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Dropbox runs on a wide range of systems and it can be installed on Windows, Apple Macs and Linux PCs. It is also available for mobile devices like the iPad, IPhone and ipod Touch.


The IOS version is a simple app that provides access to your files. You can browse them, delete them and even view a few common file types. Files like doc, txt, pdf, jpg and a few others can be viewed on the app running on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

This can be useful when you are away from your computer and need to look up some information in a file on your PC or Mac back at the office or at home