About Us

The Company

ASD Group & Co. was founded in mid 1993 by a group of young and idealistic students with an aspiration to provide the best possible IT solution and services to the blossoming Beijing economic and financial scene. Over the past ten years in Beijing CHINA, PR the group has changed along with the fast paced of the country’s economy and IT related technology, but one thing remains a passion, that is providing the best possible solution to our clients with a first class service.

Today, with diverse products and services being offered by ASD Group & Co., the pace has not slowed one bit. And looking at the economic growth rate of the country, and the rate foreign investments and business relations are being undertaken, ASD Group & Co. has cemented its commitment and will always endeavor to assist companies in the implementation of IT and Internet Communication needs, and in the process becoming a long term partner with our clients.

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ASD Group & Co. always believes that our clients are long term partners, and we encourage the clients to think likewise, as it allows uninhibited communications that is very crucial for ASD Group & Co. in providing the best possible solution to the clients fast paced IT-business needs.

With more than ten years of experience in asian IT business sector, ASD GROUP & Co. has moved its headquarter to Northern America. We are now based in Ottawa, ON , CANADA where we intend to bridge the asian market potentials with the canadian expertise.